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About our Shelter

Welcome to the City of Fairfield Bay Arkansas Animal Control and Shelter Web page.

Our shelter is a small municipal shelter that takes in stray and homeless animals from inside the Fairfield Bay City Limits.

We are small and can house 17 canines and 12 felines.

Our shelter is run by 2 full time Animal Control Officers and 1 Part time Code Enforcement Officer. Our shelter is overseen by the Code Enforcement Division of the City of Fairfield Bay.

Our shelter follows all Local, State and Federal laws set for Animal Care and Control.

Although we are a Funded Municipal shelter we also receive a yearly donation from the Animal Protection League of Fairfield Bay. You Can find there page here:

Our Team

Our shelter operates with 2 full time animal control officers. These officers are both State and Nationally certified to care for the animals of Fairfield Bay. They are certified Animal Disaster Responders, Field shelter response as well as Certified to administer certain medications under the DEA guidelines.


Animal Control Hours:Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m-4:00 pm Please contact dps at 501-884-6005 for emergencies

After hour and weekend Emergencies for Animal Control should also be called in to Dps at 501-884-6005

Shelter Hours: Monday Thru Friday:  9:30 a.m till 11:00 and 12 till 3:00

Saturday and Sunday there is someone available for donation drop off only. Please call the shelter for assistance.

Our Team
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